Prep yourself before going to “gorur haat”

EiD ul Azha is knocking at the door and and buying a suitable cow is one of the important task to be done for the holy festival. In order to buy our desired cow (goru) we usually pays a visit to our nearest “gorur haat” (cow market!). Most of us are no pro about the matter since we go there only once in a year. So here’s some survival tips for you to have a safe “gorur haat” experience!

Wear your roughest t-shirt, pants!

You dont need to dress well while you are going to a gorur hut. Your old t-shirt and your least favorite jeans will do best!  You don’t want to risk your good shirt or wearable pant teared off by angry horns of the bulls! Don’t wear sponge sandal or any kind of sandals at all. Wear boots or keds made of leather or rubber as the place you are about to visit  is full of slippery shits! And to avoiding poked by horns you need an extra grip in your feet. And please don’t make me say that don’t ever wear a  red cloth while going to gorur haat!

Wear a face mask

face mask

Its good for health. The gorur haat is filled with filthy smell of cow-dung and methane gas created by these beasts. So you better wear a face mask to breath filtered air!

Be careful of pickpockets

As you are buying a bull your pocket should be full. Don’t suppose that the pickpockets don’t know that. While you are negotiating or just passing through a crowd, you are a easy target to be robbed in bright day light! Follow these instruction to be safe  from pickpockets.

Bring your supplies


In gorur hat, you will soon became exhausted searching for a desired deal, but foods and drinks are not easy to get by. So its smart if you brought your own supplies. An umbrella will also do good to keep your cool if it is a hot summer day.

Bring someone experienced

You should bring someone who is experienced in buying cows and can deal with “gorur bepari”. He can also save you from opportunistic dalal’s (middle man).

Beware of fraud

fake tk

There are many fraud out there in the gorur haat, so keep your eyes open. If anything sounds too attractive or too much cheap, maybe somethings wrong. And while transacting money, beware of fake notes(specially 1000tk and 500tk notes).

A very HappY EiD wishes to everyone from team 🙂


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