Avoid being bullied in your newly posted profile picture using this simple tip

Since the introduction of picture comment in Facebook, bullying at people’s newly posted profile picture by posting meme photos intended for joke and often for insulting purpose is common trend. Whatever the reason is, many of us don’t like these type of comment having close relative in our friend list even including mom and dad!

The reason your newly posted pro pic is bullied more than other photos is: when you change your pro pic, Facebook shows it in your friend’s homepage with higher priority than other posts. So if you are a boy, there is a high chance that your mates is searching for a meme to post as a comment right away!

So you are saying i have to stuck with my current pro pic forever! ??

Certainly not!…Ā  You could always change your pro pic without rising any attention, the trick is to set your new posted/set profile photo privacy to “only me”. Do it as just after changing the photo and no one will get any feed about it in their wall. After a day or two reset your privacy to “friends only” or other settings of your wish. Thats it!

Another trick is to deactivate your Facebook account for a single day just immediately after changing your profile pic. Thus no one will get notified that moment and after a day or two, your friend’s homepage will filled with other feeds thus hiding the notification/feed in the far bottom that you have changed your pro pic!

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Motasim Billah Tasnim

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