Don’t end up buying stolen phone from online, Follow our tips to avoid it

Buying second hand items from, (previously or is very handy as we can get large range of product in low prices. But often this sites are used by thieves and frauds to sell stolen items and one who buys this item while unaware of the fact that it is stolen can be up for a potential big hassles by law enforcement agencies. As appeared in Dhaka Tribune, a victim named Rafeen Bashar’s case have been described there who brought a cell phone via online sites and later found that it was stolen and had to return the cell phone to the original owner, not to mention after facing some serious police botherings. Another victim named Rohim Uddin also faced similar issue after he purchased a cell phone from

So beware of the fact that you can be the next victim if you are not careful enough, specially while buying Cell phones you need to be extra cautious as it can be tracked by law enforcement agencies.


Here’s some tips for you to avoid end up buying a stolen phone:

Ask for original buying recipt: As we know that person who stole it cant provide original receipts.

Ask for original box: There is a high probability that the person who is selling a stolen item can’t provide the original box even if he manages to provide false sales papers. So ask for it. Also match the phone’s IMEI number with the box. You can get the IMEI number in any set by dailing *#06#

Check his personal photos: While buying you can check the personal photos taken in the set, also check the dates of the photos taken. There a high chance that you wont find any photo if its stolen or even if you found some, none of the photo will match the seller’s face.

Just Ask for illustrate the phones special features to you: If its stolen the seller will find it a hard job to describe the phone as he haven’t used it at all. Like using different camera features, shortcuts etc. Make him play a uncommon game or just to change the mobile network settings etc. I bet he will not be comfortable at all ! Make sure you researched a little about the phone’s specifications first in sites like GSMarena, etc. If  you are smart enough you will know right away if its stolen! So then just say a BIG NO and quickly leave the scene!

Stay safe guyz! Visit our site frequently for more life saving tips! Thakns!


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