A must have software for those who stays up late @ night

Every now and then we all need to stay up late at night on our computers for doing assignments, office works or other time passing stuffs. Whatever the reason is, the computer screen puts your eyes a lot of pressure which also drains your energy. Time to give our eyes some comfy by downloading and installing this software named f.lux!

flux icon nutboltu software for those who stays up late

F.lux is the exact software you need if you are a late night computer user. It dims the monitor lights into comfortable viewable tones optimized for night so you can operate without putting too much stress on your eyes. This is the best for using computers in complete dark room with all other lights off.  It is small in size and automatically adjusts your monitor’s brightness during night while you can easily enable and disable it according to your needs. This useful software is available on windows and on jail-broken iOS platforms. Download it here.

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