Bike to Work

Before you stick your tocycle3ngue out expressing utter mockery thinking how far this new ‘trend’ will continue to survive, give the idea a second thought and think about what amazing facts you’ve been missing out all these years while your morning rush to work. A simple ‘bike to work’ strategy can surprisingly increase your allocated daily time slot, which excludes the working hour, save your transport budget and most importantly, keep you miles away from gaining the fat you’ve been diligently nurturing in your body with your desk job.

Remember all those wasted beautiful early morning and the long frustrating frowzy stressful moments in the public bus, stuck at hours long traffic jam during the rush hour, when you finally decided to pour all your rage into your facebook status? Well, guess what, soon you’ll be updating ‘happiness is…’ status updates instead of cursing the whole world!
The most impressing fact about commuting to your work by bike is that it saves your valuable hours which you spend on the transport. Traffic jam eats up your allotted times which you could otherwise spend with your family and friends. If you could cut short the time you spent on transports and add one more hour to your sip on the coffee with the newspaper in hand, you would probably trade money for it, right? Get the facts straight, you will be pedaling through the piles of vehicles standing still on the road, you will be saving the cost of gas or the transport fare and you will never be late to your work! Even according to most of the country’s traffic rule, bikes are allowed to pedal through the pavements. So, you don’t even have to worry about how you’re gonna beat the traffic as it is twice as fast as a vehicle in traffic.

Well, the only trade-off with biking to your work is that it will burn your fat away. It’s like a free gym on your two wheeler. Very soon the shirts you’ve put up because you’ve become chubbier due to your day long desk job, you will be able to slickly sneak into them. The freshness of the morning and afternoon plus cycling is a definite antidote for the stress you gain due to work.

Patrick J. Adams with cycle

Worried about sweating and your formal attire? You clearly haven’t seen Patrick J. Adams in the TV serial Suits! Commuting with your normal average speed with bike will not let you sweat as much as you are worrying. However, you can always wear your favorite cycling suit and carry your formal clothes into your backpack and change it in the washroom of your workplace. Look around, there are so many cyclists commuting to their workplace with or without the formal attire.

‘Bike to Work’ however is not a very recent phenomenon. Countries like USA and Canada observes ‘Bike to Work Day’ annually to promote bicycling to work. The month May is observed as ‘Bike to Work Month’. It is now a growing interest in different countries. For example, cycling in London has increased by 91% since 2003. Many of the working places now a days have parking space for cycle. Bikes are easily affordable, runs on your fat and studies showed that bicycle commuters are more productive and healthier.So, get a bike, start commuting to your work, live longer, younger, happier and see the positive changes in yourself!

Rezaul Arefin

Arefin is a graduate of Literature in English and Cultural Studies from Jahangirnagar University He comes with multidisciplinary and believes in versatility. This co-founder of has worked for the English daily, The New Age, as a sub-editor and currently studying Development Studies at Dhaka University. Poke him in his social profiles to connect !

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