This Gadget Will Keep Yourself Cool During Loadshedding Hours

Summer is here and so is load-shedding! You can either deal with it sweating your shirts off, or just get this recommended product during summer time which will keep you cool in unbearable heat during load-shedding. All you need to have a laptop or a power source that can run during load-shedding; like ups or power bank.







It is lightweight, easily operable and have quality metal finishing (You can buy other usb fan in plastic body but they are not up to the mark so avoid buying those). Comes with a on-off switch, it is usb powered so just plug it in and get nice cool breeze into your face. It may not as powerful as your ceiling fan, but definitely will keep you cool during blackout times.

Where to buy it?

You can easily find it at various electronics shop around Dhaka, and other city areas of Bangladesh, especially in computer markets. You can look for it in the stadium market, ECS computer city, IDB vaban, etc places. To get it via online you can go to zettabyte’s store. They also sell these fans. Here’s the link to this product.

So Keep cool n calm and like us! Share it to your friends also! Thanks! 😀


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