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Presentation using PreziIf you hear the word “presentation”, what’s the first thing that comes in your mind? I bet it is ‘PowerPoint Slides”! Microsoft’s PowerPoint is so popular that Presentation and PowerPoint have almost become synonym. There’s no denying that PowerPoint is good at making presentations. In fact, PowerPoint has an array of robust features which in the first place, is the main reason for its popularity. But PowerPoint has been in the market for many years and while it evolved feature-wise, the very concept of how a presentation is shown was never changed. We got accustomed to slides and the bullet points. We got so accustomed that most of us don’t feel that presenting information can done in a creative and efficient way. That’s where Prezi comes in.

Prezi: Better Presentation

Prezi is a cloud based software that can make visually appealing presentations. It changes the whole concept of presenting by ditching slides and introducing a canvas and zooming navigation. Using a canvas opens endless opportunities to show off your creative ideas while presenting. No more boring presentation session where everyone falls asleep! You can make more engaging presentation that makes your audience anticipate and wonder.

Here’s a presentation made using Prezi. Watch it to see the new approach of presenting.

Who should use Prezi

Everyone! Prezi is offers both cloud service and offline editing option. You can use it for free with 100MB cloud storage option. The downside is that your presentations will be public and there will be a Prezi Logo on every presentation. There are few monthly/yearly subscription options available for both individual and organizational customers.

Now, this is the best part. You can use premium features for free if you have an email address associated by educational institution! Also, using an educational email means discounts will be applicable for using pricier subscriptions.  My university (North South University) provided me an email which I used to register a free account (yay me!). So,if you have one of those, use it.

Start making great presentations from today. Try Prezi here.

Rahat Farhan

Rahat is a business executive in button-up shirt by day and a driving force behind by night. He is also the co-founder of A graduate from North South University, Rahat, is passionate about books, football, all things tech, and business strategies. Connect or say hi to Rahat through his social profiles; alternatively you can send him an email to rahat[at]

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