Bikroy, Ekhanei, Clickbd or OLX? Where Should i Sell My Stuffs?

Its no wonder that online marketplaces of Bangladesh is booming. You can see that for yourself that every second advertisement on TV is either of Bikroy or OLX or With too many options, it may confuse you to choose where to post you ad.

Your goal is to sell your product

As posting advertisement in these websites is free of charge you can take your time and post your ad in all of these websites. That may take some time but beleive me, thus you can reach maximum number of customers which will increase the probability of selling your item quickly & also in your desired price.

Some quick tips:

  • Creating accounts in all of the marketplaces actually takes few minutes. They require your phone number, email and address mainly.
  • The phone number is important.
  • For your particular ad, create a description for your ad copy it before posting. Using the same description in all your ads can save you some time.
  • Make sure that your description doesn’t contain any phone number or price amount, there are individual fields given for your numbers and asking price. If you put your number in the  description the moderators on those pages may deny your ad then you will have to re-edit.
  • If possible, give your secondary number.
  • And After selling your product don’t forget to remove your ads from all these websites. Happy selling!  😀


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