Get Your Mini SIM Cut Into Micro SIM Free of Cost

Most of the smartphones require a micro sim (sometimes nano sim!) now-a-days & If you are buying a new smartphone you gonna need to cut your old mini sim into micro sim. But for cutting your sim, the salesman charge you extra 50-100 tk. Heres how you can save yourself the few bucks.

  • Negotiate with the salesman while buying your phone that they must cut your sim- free of charge. They need to retain you as a customer so there is a high chance that they would agree to it happily! But if you tell them to cut your sim after you made purchase they may charge you for cutting it. So better negotiate it before, not after! If they dont agree with the deal just walk away (or attempt to walk away), they will certainly pull you back!
  • You can also go to the mobile operator’s customer care center if there any nearby. Almost every operator will do it for you free of cost.
  • If you have a previously cut micro-sim’s frame you can use it to cut your mini sim by yourself. Place the frame on top of your mini sim and mark the edges. Then use a sharp knife to cut out the outer layer. For video instruction check out this video.


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