Control Music & Movies With Hand Gestures Using Flutter

Flutter MemePC geeks have always wanted to control their computers with hand gestures like a Jedi and now their dream has come true. Flutter, a free app owned by Google lets you control your media players with simply showing hand gestures. With touch screens popping up in every device, hand gestures are more popular than ever. But Flutter takes one step ahead, eliminating the need to touch. All you need to do is show hand gestures in air and the app will detect gestures utilizing your webcam.

Using Flutter

Using Flutter is very easy. After installing, go through the tutorial. Keep Flutter running in background and start gesturing away! Right now Flutter supports few hand gestures. Play/Pause your music & videos by showing your palm. Go to Next Song (thumbs right) or rewind to Previous Song (thumbs left). Supported application are also limited though more and more application are being added. Popular apps and services like VLC, Winamp, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Grooveshark, Netflix are already supported. Flutter has also added support to PowerPoint and Keynote. No more fumbling with keyboard and mouse while giving presentations!Flutter Gestures

Imagine a situation like you are watching a movie siting in a couch away from your computer. Wouldn’t it be great to control playback without moving from the comfort of your couch?

Exciting Future

Flutter has a great potential. Being acquired by Google, it sure is going to be a pioneer in alternative computer control. More gesture, more application support and more utility is bound to come in time. Flutter may collaborate with other application developers to bring more gesture-controlled applications. We will use alternative control eventually and Kinect is already here for Xbox.  So, sit tight!

You can download Flutter from for free. It is available for both Windows, Mac and also as a Chrome add-on. What do you think of Flutter? Head over to the comments section below and  let us know your thoughts.

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