Tired of Your Old Pallid Attire? Try Color Bottom and Chinos to Color-up Your Outfit!

They say, fashion revives after a certain decade. You’ll find the statement to be true if you look around how thick rimmed hipster or beat generation style specs are popular to our young generation. Hard spike or disheveled spike hair trend is now replaced with head full of curly hair and stubble look. The youth of Bangladesh currently are fond of wearing bright stuff, particularly contrastive color combination. It can then easily be conceived why once very popular ‘fatua’ trend is being replaced with bright and colorful lawn suits.

For men, however, this contrastive color outfit is now carried out by color bottom pants. If you think your wardrobe is full of black clothes and matching outfits and lacks funkiness, then it is the right time to reshuffle your storehouse. Colored bottom are equally popular among the women because of the increasing popularity of wearing contrastive materials. Lets see, what’s all the fuss of wearing contrastive outfit is about.
Wearing white sometimes look washed out and on the other hand, wearing dark has lost the appetite among the young generation because of it’s lack of funkiness, as well as the loss of appeal in being a trendy one. The diversity of such bottom pants are also one of the major reasons behind the popularity. It’s not just a privilege but also an advantage as you can always experiment with your new outfits. There is a common belief that the aged people are more inclined towards bright outfits in order to feel younger. However, the trend now a days is not just to wear bright but to wear contrastive bottoms considering the top and shoes. To add to that, fashion has always been interlinked with the confidence of carrying out what one wears. If wearing bright color bottom seems too challenging, then be brave enough to try Chino pants.
The basic difference between a Color Bottom and Chino is, Color Bottom is fitting around the waist but lose at the bottom and Chinos are more comfortable around the waist. Another important fact about Chinos is it’s cotton fabric is very comfortable. It’s not as funky as the Color Bottoms pants and so can easily be worn on any casual or semi-casual events.
Now lets see where the enthusiastic fashionistas can find Color Bottom and Chino pants in Dhaka. For those who don’t want to be all sweaty in this hot summer and prefers to shop comfortably and also never minds spending a little too much penny than the others, trying out the famous fashion houses will be the best option for you. All the famous fashion houses in Bangladesh such as Ecstasy, Yellow, O2, Le Reve etc has good collection of Color Bottom and Chino pants. If you are into bargaining and have incredible skills in purchasing an item with almost half of the price asked, then go for New Market and Elephant Road. There is a shop  I can recommend at the first floor of Chandrima Market (situated beside New Market). Look for the shop Apurba (shop number 80, 81) and you’ll find a diverse collection of such pants and also colored cargo pants. However, street vendors are too a great source of such pants as they collect their lot from local garments. Last but not the least, the shops opposite of Dhaka College has always been a center of attention fashion enthusiasts of all kind.
So, what are you waiting for? Experiment with colors in bottom with your favorite T-shirt and shoes. Hope you all know the saying Aap Ruchi KhanaPar Ruchi Pehna – meaning, eat for yourself, dress for others! Present yourself with vigorous color and personality.

Rezaul Arefin

Arefin is a graduate of Literature in English and Cultural Studies from Jahangirnagar University He comes with multidisciplinary and believes in versatility. This co-founder of nutboltu.com has worked for the English daily, The New Age, as a sub-editor and currently studying Development Studies at Dhaka University. Poke him in his social profiles to connect !

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