Prepare Yourself for the Next BCS Preliminary Exam with this Excellent Android App !

unnamedIf you are wondering about how to prepare for the next Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination, here is an excellent android application for you to get started. This app, BCS Question Bank, will provide you all the questions of BCS Preliminary exams in the past with the correct answers. This will be extremely helpful to comprehend the question patterns of this prestigious exam. However, it is proposed that the upcoming (35th) BCS Preliminary exam will comprise of 200 questions instead of 100, but the question pattern will likely be almost as the same as it were before.

So buckle up guys, start preparing for the exam, the next circular will be announced very soon !

Download it from the android market Google Play in your android device by clicking here.

Let us know your feedback in the comment section and also tell us about any cool apps you recently came to know 🙂

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Rezaul Arefin

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