Temporary Email Saves Your Time and Privacy

Every now and then we come across sites that require you to give your email address to complete the registration. It’s not likely that all those sites are too important or trustworthy to share your personal email address. So, what do you do? The answer is to use temporary email address.

What is a Temporary Email Address?

Temporary email address is disposable email that you can use instantly and it works like a regular email. The only difference is that it doesn’t keep the emails for long. After a certain period (usually an hour) it deletes all email. Some temporary email providers also keeps the email for longer periods. The main benefits of using a temporary email is the instant availability and protection of identity. Also you get rid of spam.

Best Temporary Email Providers

You’ll find many temporary email provider online. These are my best picks.


Temp-mail is the no bullshit temporary email provider and my personal favorite. It has a slick modern user interface. Upon opening the website you are directly taken to your inbox which will be activated for two hours. You have the options to add additional time, change email address or delete the address.


Unlike Temp Mail, Mailinator emails don’t expire. You can choose any email address and anyone can share the same inbox by choosing the same email address. You can view other people’s mails and vice versa. It’s certainly not a fit if you are looking for privacy. You can delete the emails though.


Fake inbox offers same options as Temp-Mail but the interface is not as good. But it gets the job done. You get an inbox for one hour and the ability to add more time. Deleting the address is also possible.

Try any of these services the next time you don’t want to share your email but is required to. If you find this article useful don’t forget to like or share it! Also you can give your feedback on the comments section or introduce us to a better service if you’ve encountered one.

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