The Basics of Being a Successful Person

All of us are running after the same thing, success. While the definition of success vary from person to person, the practice that paves the way to success remains same. Being successful in life depends on how much control you have on your life and what do you do with that control. Steering the control in right way will see you turn into a successful person.
Here’s 15 things that you can take control of to find success.

1. Be optimistic.

Don’t be the person who sees the negatives first. Think of the positive outcome first. Without being optimistic you won’t be able to keep going forward in your life.

2. Raise your standards.

Don’t tolerate unjustified behavior any more that you don’t deserve. Your time and esteem is important. So, don’t waste those on people who don’t value you.

3. Let go of things that don’t make you feel good.

Never cling on things which drag you down. You need to learn to let go whether it’s a good or bad thing. Even success in the past should remain in the past. Focus on your future success.

4. Keep a list of goals.

Without goals you don’t know where are you heading to. It’s essential to keep a set of goals that you need to accomplish in your life. Set realistic goals with timeframe that are achievable. You’ll never lose your focus this way.

5. Appreciate yourself.

Always appreciate yourself. It’s good for your self-confidence. Look in the mirror and remind yourself the best version of you. This will develop your “can do attitude.”

6. Find a role model.

A role model can inspire you to reach greater heights given that you have chosen the right role model for you. Always try to imitate your role model’s ideology and work flow. If you can have your role model as your mentor, that’s the best way to go.

7. Learn your strengths and weaknesses.

Analyze and scrutinize yourself to find your strengths and weaknesses. Do a personal SWOT analysis. Identify the skills that you need to improve. Always play to your strengths.

8. Don’t’ hesitate to ask for help and support.

No matter how much self-dependent you are, everyone needs help at a point. Don’t give into your ego. Sometimes a teamwork can take you ahead. Asking for help indicates that you are matured enough as a person.

9. Accept setbacks or failures as building block of self-growth.

Path to success is a difficult one. Setbacks or failures are very common. But without those the journey would be too unrealistic. Accept the obstacles and learn from them to overcome the next one.

10. Have a circle of trusted people.

Isolation is not good for anyone. You live in a society and you must have ties with the society. Cultivate your relationships with a group of people who’ll always have your back no matter what.

11. Stop complaining.

Stop complaining and finding excuses for mundane things. Complaining doesn’t do any good. Rather focus on the sense of gratitude which will give you peace and calmness.

12. Have a passion for something.

Don’t be a stagnant person. Find your passion. Pursue and practice it. Using your unique talent you may turn your passion into something that contributes to the world.

13. Stop caring what other people think.

People criticize, they always do. Don’t let it hold you back. Because, no one really cares and you can’t please everyone. Living your life caring what others will think can only lead you to underachievement. So, stand for what you believe in and do that needs to be done.

14. Change what you can.

Mahatma Gandhi once said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” Accepting negative situations doing nothing will land you nowhere. Nothing gets done unless you do it yourself. Always be an initiator and change what needs to be changed.

15. Say “Thank you’

“Thank you” – a powerful pair of words that has an aura of gratitude and positivity. It’s the simplest tool to start or kindle relationships. People feel good when get appreciated. So, never miss an opportunity to appreciate people, even for the trivial things.

Following these tips won’t guarantee you success but it will keep you moving forward to success. Good luck!

Rahat Farhan

Rahat is a business executive in button-up shirt by day and a driving force behind by night. He is also the co-founder of A graduate from North South University, Rahat, is passionate about books, football, all things tech, and business strategies. Connect or say hi to Rahat through his social profiles; alternatively you can send him an email to rahat[at]