Securely Manage Your Passwords with LastPass

Every now or then we come across web security experts telling us to use secure passwords. They suggest to generate strong and difficult to remember large passwords with numbers and special characters, use different password for every site. Easy to say, extremely difficult to do through sheer willpower. I’ve tried many ways to remember, but finally this is what I’m stuck with.

LastPass, A cross-platform password manager for secure management of all my passwords. I just have to remember only one password for all the sites I log in and my passwords are stored and protected with state of the art enterprise grade security technology. LastPass is easy to use and absolutely hassle free.


The Last Password You Have To Remember


Why LastPass ?

LastPass is a cross-platform password manager that helps you create and manage secure, unique passwords for every site, save confidential data and carry them with you for your urgent need.

  • Its Cross-platform: LastPass offers extensions for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari on Windows, Mac, and Linux. LastPass also has iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry apps and a portable app to securely carry your passwords on the go.


  • Its Secure: LastPass is a leading security solution detecting web vulnerabilities and providing solutions for them. Your password is secure with 256-bit AES encryption, multi factor authentication with SMS, Google Authenticator, YubiKey, Duo Security, . USB hardware authentication with YubiKey. One time password usage. To learn more about their security structure go here and here.


  • Generates Badass Passwords: LastPass helps you to create long, hard to remember, unique and unpredictable passwords rich with numbers and special characters for each of your website. It detects any site and securely promotes to generate passwords. Take a look below…


  • Auto-fill Your Passwords: LastPass remember and auto-fill your passwords to log in your favorite sites within seconds, absolutely hassle free and automatic. You don’t even have to copy paste anything manually at all. It auto-fills passwords in your supported mobile device also.


  • Secure Data Storage: LastPass stores your confidential data like Credit/Debit card info, National ID card, Passport info, Social Security number, Bank Accounts info securely. Just add them and you will able to carry these data on LastPass with you for any emergency need.


  • Share Passwords: LastPass allows you to securely share passwords among other LastPass users. It helps you to securely collaborate/share log in information with your LassPass using friends/Co-workers.


  • LastPass Warns You: LastPass provides you real-time security alerts, hack and breach alerts to secure/change your passwords before hackers use them to harm you.


  • Audits Passwords: LastPass ensures you to use secure, strong ans different passwords for each of your site. It audits regularly and warns you about any weak and duplicate passwords in your vault.


LastPass Password Generator

LastPass Password Generator


Supported Devices: LastPass offers password manager app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


Supported Browsers: LastPass provides browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Go to there Download page for more options, portable versions and Universal Downloader.


Form Field Highlighting

Form Field Highlighting

Easily Searchable Password Vault

Easily Searchable Password Vault



Though most of the features are free, LastPass offers premium subscription at a minimum cost of $12/year, enables you to use password manager in mobile devices, more multi-factor authentication, password sharing and priority assistance.


Take a look on LastPass in action, easy setup tutorials and its great features here.


So, Ditch old insecure methods, From now on, use LastPass for hassle free management of your strong secure passwords and data. Share with us your opinion or any other password management solutions we need to mention here. At Nutboltu we are very serious about web security and always encourage tools and practices for safe web experience.



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