Discover New Apps and Android Updates with Drippler

The sheer volume of software updates, apps, accessories, and hacks that become available for your android phone on a daily basis can be overwhelming and nearly impossible to sort through. So rather than digging endlessly, try Drippler.

What does it do for you ??

In a nutshell, Drippler is an Android news and updates aggregation app. Wait a sec !! You have many apps like Drippler in Play Store, so why should you choose Drippler ?? Good Question…Let me explain few things here.

Drippler does its news and updates aggregation job by curating best Android news, app reviews, software and firmware update alerts from around the web. The best web articles, hacks, tip and tricks, tutorial guides from site like AndroidPolice, GuidingTech, AppsZoom, Android Central, XDA, The Next Web, PC Advisor and many more will be in your finger tip everyday.


Why We Like It ??

When you start Drippler on you smart phone or tablet for the first time, Drippler automatically detects your device and use it for a great purpose. Yes, it collects and presents tips and tricks, reviews, tutorials, troubleshooting articles specially curated for your device. Thus you can easily discover useful apps, compatible games and latest news from best places around the web for your android device.

You can read and install any app right from Drippler, in a clutter free environment. It allows you to put star on useful articles for future reading, share articles to your favorite social networks and integrates with web service like Pocket and Evernote.

My Personal experience with Drippler is great. I’ve managed to come across some real good tutorials, troubleshooting and rooting guide for my Galaxy Note 2. It even updated me about a software update way before Samsung published anything. For Android latest news and app reviews Drippler is my daily driver.

Trust me, with million reaching download count and 5 star Play Store rating make Drippler one of the Android News and Update frontier. It’s a must have tool for any smart phone owner.



Sazid Imtiaz

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