Download Android App APK File from Play Store to Your PC

Google Play Store web interface allows you to install any app to your Android device straight from your browser. But the thing is, the app download will start in your device, not in your PC. Thus, your device has to be connected with internet via 3G or WiFi. It’s a hassle free app installation process but doesn’t allow you to download the app APK files directly in your PC. Today, I’m going to discuss about how you can directly grab Play Store app APK files the easy and effective way.


Why You Want to Do This ??

You have few but very good reasons to download and store android app APK files in your PC…

  • You have limited internet data package monthly subscribtion in your android device. Some essential android app is fairly large in size like Facebook, Firefox, Chrome, Dropbox etc and Play store has many amazing apps you want to install too. But their installation going to cost you valuable internet data. This will limit your mobile internet browsing, social networking and online gaming because you wont have enough internet data left for these activities. Withing days your monthly data will vanish and you will end up spending more money buying new data package just to upload your tour pics to Facebook.
  • You need to backup and restore apps from a safe place. Every now and then android gets firmware and software upgrade. some of these updates wipe your internal memory as well as all your apps and their data. This will force you to download your apps all over again. Sometimes apps get corrupted and need to be reinstalled. Worse case scenario, sometimes apps get pulled from Play store like Flappy Bird and you just badly want it in your device. In all these cases if you have fresh copy of your apps backed up in your PC, you will be able to restore them within minutes.
  • You are an Android Gamer. Android games sometimes come with large file size and frequent updates like Angry Birds series, Clash of Clans, Badland, Fruit Ninja etc. Keep their fresh app APKs in your PC for any emergency need. When its time to update, just download and replace the APKs you have in your PC with the updated one. Then copy and install it in your device. It will automatically update your game without loosing your progress. This saves you a lot of  mobile data.
  • You have multiple Android devices. In this case if you download app APKs in your PC, you will be able to install your apps in multiple devices of yours without downloading them separately in each device.


How You can Download App APK ??

There is a very easy and fun solution present for you to download APKs in your PC…Remember, you are allowed to download all the free apps. Paid apps download is not allowed/supported.

APK Downloader Web App:  This web app is the easiest way to download APK files. Grab app store link/URL of your favorite app, go to APK Downloader, paste the link in URL box and click to generate download link.


Play Store URL

Play Store URL

APK Downloader

APK Downloader

If you prefer to download APK files directly from a windows program rather than APK Downloader web app, then download and install Raccoon. It’s a great program, but you need to enter your Google ID and password. After that you are free to download any free app from play store. This program runs in Java. If you don’t have java installed in your PC, download it here.

Now that I’ve shown you easy ways to download Play Store app APKs in your PC. Go get some APKs and store them in your PC for good use.


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