Get The Schedule of Advanced EID Ticket Selling Date From Dhaka

Eid ul Fitr is gonna be on 29th of July or in 30th of July this year in Bangladesh. Student or job holder, if you live in Dhaka and have your hometown outside, you definitely want to spend your Eid there with your close relatives, friends and families. So better keep aware of the date when the advanced ticket will be available and manage your ticket as early as possible!

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Bus schedule

The Eid advanced bus ticket for North Bengal and the districts where you can go via bus will be available from 14th of July !  You will get the tickets mostly from Kollanpur branch and in some cases from Gabtoli Branch for going North Bengal. And for going south or east, you can get it from Sayedabad branches. No advanced bus tickets are available from Mohakhali bus terminal.  | News source

If you are busy around 14th of July, you can also take your chances yo get BRTC bus tickets to get to your home. Their tickets will be available from 20th of July. | News source

Train schedule:

The advanced train ticket will be available from 20th till 24th of July. The July 25 tickets can be bought on July 21,   July 26 tickets on July 22,  and the July 27 tickets on July 23 and 24.  | News source

Launch schedule

The people going southern BD can get their launch tickets from 17th of July from Sadarghat launch terminal. | News source

Air schedule!

There is no advanced ticket system available in air schedule! To get to your hometown by air book your tickets way before that. Check the websites of Biman, Regent airways and United airways for their flight schedule and availability


Wishing everyone a great EID with their friends and families! Here’s some of our post about ramadan:


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