Getting tired doing EiD Shopping? Try this tip to relax your legs

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Eid shopping is fun if you are a kid or a lovely lady! For the boys, not so! Its just not in our DNA- but sometimes we have no other option but to accompany our beloved wife, kids or girlfriend in shopping in which they never get tired ! In doing so you become exhausted filled with boredom while your legs starts hurting and you started to feel the need to take a sit soo bad! No worries then ! They may not care about you but we do! Here’s a simple tip for you-

Pay visits to shoe stores every now & then!

Every shoe stores have seating facilities, right? And in almost every shopping malls, there are shoe stores which are the perfect place for you to have a sit and relax your legs for few minutes, plus you get to try out different shoes for you! Its a valid excuse which will serve your purpose without any arising any suspicion! Just act natural- say that you need to buy a shoe, relax & seat down- try out different shoes and kill some time. Now that your legs got enough rest, you are ready for another round!

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