Use your password as a motivational tool

use your password as a motivational tool

If you are not into using password managing apps like lastpass, keypass, etc and feel comfortable to memorize the necessary passwords of your logins, you can use your password as a medium of self motivation!

If you know the tricks of the trade about making your password strong, you definitely use a combination of random alphanumeric words which you can memorize. How about use a word which remind you of something important? or motivate you to stay on course of your current objective?
For example: You are getting fat and currently on diet. You may set this:  “iNeeD2loosesomeweight!” password. Thus every-time you log-into your facebook, twitter or mail account, it will continuously remind you of it.
Or some assignment due soon, you can set “@[email protected]!” as password- which will make you finish your assignment on time!

You can try these also [email protected], [email protected], iL0VEmyLYF! etc. Just make sure its alphanumeric and hard to guess by your friends! thAnk$ 4 [email protected] w1th nutb01tu.c0m!


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