Learn The Most Efficient Way To Cut A Cake

Most Efficient Way To Cut A Cake

A few weeks ago Mathematician Alex Bello on famous youtube channel numberphile proposed a new efficient way of cutting a cake to keep it fresh and tasty for few days.

The argument he put that when we cut a cake, the exposed inside part of the cake becomes dry and less tastier from the following days (when you are planning on keeping it on freeze and eat it later). In order to overcome the problem, he proposed to cut the cake by cutting it from the middle and closing the gap after by putting the other two parts together and repeating the process till it finishes. Watch this video to be clear:

Though you may find the technique pretty unusual and may make your friends laugh at you, but the logic he put there is pretty reasonable. People from everywhere  around the world tried this technique and found it helpful as you can see from the comment section and the total number of hits it got (5million so far!). So why not give it a try!? Comment below to share your experience!


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