Write Bangla On Your Mobile or PC- Even When You Don’t Have Any Avro or Bijoy Like Software

If you frequently use Bangla while texting, commenting, updating your status, or other academic/job related purpose-  you definitely have a bangla keyboard like ridmik or mayabi keyboard installed in your phone and avro or bijoy installed in your PC . But you can always  write bangla without having to use any of these software using some web tools. Here’s some of our recommendations:

Write Bangla On Your Mobile or PCBanglatext provides the perfect platform for you to write bangla without having to use any software . They offer all the popular bangla keyboard layout such as avro, phonetic, bijoy, unijoy etc.  Though it has a minimalistic design and will not provide you any auto-correction or auto suggestion benefits, and you need to be well experienced in writing bangla using your preferred layout. But nevertheless it is currently the best webtool available for bangla typing offering all the layouts in same place. It is very helpful for low end mobile phones to type bangla using their convert option. Also they provide the service  for you to directly update your status in bangla if you are using it from your mobile.

Write Bangla On Your Mobile or PC


Google input tools is another great option for bangla writing without any software. Go here and select bangla.



Write Bangla On Your Mobile or PCAfter that in the text box write the text and see live suggestion, select what you want or just hit a space-bar to accept the top suggestion and continue writing.

Its actually more helpful than the previous method as it shows live suggestions, but still you need some kind of fluency and practice to master this way of writing using google input tools as there are no layouts to guide you, but still its one of the better available ways of writing bangla online without having to use any software.

We will try to suggest more in future if  we come across better options. Thanks for staying with us!


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