Fight Insomnia Naturally !

Tired of staring at your computer screen all night long because you can’t sleep and feeling weary the whole next day because of sleep deprivation as your sleeping cycle has ruined due to insomnia? Well here is a solution for the night dwellers who prefers natural solution to this problem. If you prefer not to take sedatives and don’t want to be dependent on sleeping medicine, this home made recipe with natural ingredients can be a perfect solution for you.

The most amazing part is that you can find all the ingredients of this green juice very easily. To add to that, it’s not even expensive! Before we learn about the formula of this amazing natural drink, lets have a look what ingredients you will need to make this natural juice.

You’ll need asparagus, a therapeutic herb, commonly known as ‘Shatamuli’ in Bangladesh. You’ll also need Celery, commonly known as ‘Celery Pata’, which is available at the vegetable markets, especially in Gulshan 1 DCC Market’s ground floor. The rest of the ingredients are lemon, green apple, cucumber and ginger root.

Without further ado, let’s have a look on the recipe.


Image Source: ehhuu

Rezaul Arefin

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