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Some of us have the hunger to learn more outside our academic learning requirements. Well, we can enroll ourselves into courses we like in different institutions, but apparently not without any cost. Courses of any sort will require decent amount of money, which is a major discouragement for many who are voluntarily want to learn.

For those, coursera.org is a decent solution.

cov coursera

The website provides hundreds free courses like Computer Science, Business, Mathematics, Biology, Social Sciences, Humanities, Medicine etc online. All from renowned professors from different reputed universities around the globe.


[highlight]Lets break it down to you[/highlight]………


[highlight]How it works?[/highlight]

Firstly go to the website and sign up a new account

course era signup


Then browse for courses

coursera courses


Choose your desired course from the list and sign up

courera signup


Now you should be successfully enrolled to that course you have chosen. You now have access to course lectures and other materials. Take quizzes, do assignments/homeworks etc. as per course requirements.

courseera todo


Do they provide certificates?

Yes for some of the courses they do. You can check your course’s info page or policies to see whether your course offers a Statement of accomplishment or not. Statements of Accomplishment are signed by the course instructor which include the Coursera logo, the student’s name, the title of the course, and a brief course description. Verified Certificates are issued jointly by Coursera and the partner university offering the course. It includes a written statement confirming that the student has verified their identity while completing work in the course.

This is a sample verified certificate of a student:

coursera cirtificate


Browse their website to learn about their offers, policies, proceedinngs etc. Feel free to tell us about any other website you have came across similar to this website. Also if you have any query we will be happy to answer you 🙂

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