Test Your Laptop/Desktop Monitor Screen for Dead Pixel

Dead pixel in any display can be problematic. After a period of time it has the tendency to spread and making annoying line/lines in the display of the monitor.

So, If you are considering to buy a laptop or a monitor from a friend or from a store, you can check whether the screen have any dead pixel or not

Firstly you have to go to this simple website: doihaveadeadpixel.com 




Then you can pick different colors and pressing F11 the whole screen will turn into that particular color. Then you can easily spot whether the monitor have any bad/dead pixel or not and save your future trouble.

I have no internet connection. How can i find dead pixel?

If you have the exact question there is a simple solution for you. Open a power point presentation file with a blank page and press f5. This will make the complete screen white and click again it will make the complete screen black saying that “end show”. Good enough to find any dead pixel 😀


If you ever came across any other way to test dead pixel- feel free to tell us 🙂

Motasim Billah Tasnim

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