Make Sure You Have the Perfect Suit

make sure you have the perfect suit

Everyone knows what a well-fitted suit does to a man. Just take a look at Harvey Specter or Don Draper for example. Suits with perfect fitting will make you look like a true man accentuating your manliness and also your confidence. If you find it difficult to believe that only a suit can do such magic because when you wear your suit it does not do any of that, then let me tell you the reason why.

“Your suit is not tailored to be a perfect fit to your body.”

You have to have a perfectly fitted suit. Otherwise a suit is not worth it. So, how to tell if your suit fits you perfectly. That’s pretty easy to find out. Just wear the suit and get in front of a mirror and check the following things.

1. Suit’s collar should show a half inch of shirt collar above it. The shirt should not be hidden.
2. The shoulder pads should end with your shoulders. They should not extend outside your shoulders.
3. With your top or middle button closed, flatten your hand and slip it into your suit under the lapels. It should slip in easily. Putting a  fist in will cause the suit to pull at the button.
4. The top button of a two button suit or the middle button of a three button suit must not fall below your navel.
5. The bottom of your jacket should be even with your knuckles when you keep your arms at your sides.
6. Your sleeves should end at the joint of your wrist and thumb.
7. A quarter or half inch of shirt cuff should be visible.
8. You shouldn’t shave to wear a belt to keep your pant in place. It should fit your waist and hips naturally.
9. There should be a one inch of break in the leg.

Go visit your tailor, if you find any of these to be not perfect fit. At least now you know what needs to be fixed. Finally, as Barney Stinson likes to say, “Suit Up!”

[Image: Jono Mueller]

Rahat Farhan

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