Capturing website screenshots has never been so easy!

Capturing website screenshots is a everyday need for those who want to archive articles or photos for future use. Sadly there are no default options are given in the popular browsers like chrome or Firefox to do this job, you can only save a whole page going to Menu>save page as>.. etc. Some even use the print screen key to capture his desired page and then crop the picture in any image editing software.

Today i am going to introduce to you a firefox/chrome plugin which will save you all these hassles.

The plugin is reviewed as excellent by many tech websites.

 “We admit we got caught up using FireShot to grab screenshots and edit them, including the capability to easily add text and draw on the image.” -CNET

“This excellent extension is the best tool I’ve yet seen for capturing and annotating Web pages.” -PCWorld

So folks, you should not have any concern about your browser secuirity while installing the plugin. For chrome go to this link and firefox users go here and install the plugin named Fireshot.


Now there should be a fireshot icon displayed in the corner of your web browser

fireshot icon appear

Now when you are in need of taking a screenshot of a webpage you can click the icon and choose suitable options.

All the options you have

  1. You can capture all visible areas
  2. You can capture your selected area
  3. You can capture entire page

You can either save it as a image or PDF into your computer or rather can directly upload to your social media(Facebook/twitter) or flickr account.


Lets give it a try…

Suppose this is a website you are browsing and you only want to capture the article

full webpage

Click the fireshot icon and select “capture selected areas and..” >save (or “save as PDF” if you want to save as pdf format)


Then select the particular area that you need

capture sel

Then a new window will open where you can rename and save the image wherever you want and tada! You now have exactly what you want.

To speedify your uses if you are a regularly using screenshot, you can configure a shortcut for quickly capturing screenshots.

Go to fireshot>preferences and below there is a box to configure your desired short key.

preference fireshot


If you are a advanced user you can configure other options like capturing, image editing etc.

Hope your troubles are now over! You can now do your necessary capturing of website screenshots very easily and fast. Feel free to share this article among your friends if you find this article useful and write us if you have any query about using it.



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