Keep Track of Your Desired Downloadable Paid iOS App and Download Them Free!

Its a known fact that most of the mind blowing iOS apps cost some bucks. However, for promotional purposes everyday many paid apps become free for a limited period of time and thus opens a window for free loaders. The app that becomes free for a day, is often featured in app store as “app of the week” but there are dozens of other great paid apps those also become free every now and then which cant be easily found in app store.

AppZapp is a cool app to effectively keep track of your desired downloadable paid app which becomes free for a day or a period of  time.

 Key features:

  • The main feature of this app is keeping track of Paid apps those become free for a limited time. Click “now free” to browse. You can browse for specific categories for your specific device (iphone/ipad/mac).

appzapp menu

  • The profile management feature is also handy. It enables AppZapp to suggest apps that you may like depending on your previous clicks and downloads. You need to open a free account to get these benefits.
  • You can set alerts for specific paid app to get alerts if the app becomes free. Also you can add your watch-list according to your preferences.

appzapp price alert

  • You can also browse Live streaming of app discussions by the community which will help you a great deal to know about a particular app. Browse “My AppZapp” after logging in to get updates for the price alert or watchlist you have added.

my appzapp

  • The interface is also customizable and you can add custom filter to browse apps. Check out the settings panel to discover more and set the app in your way.

In short, all i can say that I can think of no other reason why you should not download this app and enrich your app collection like a boss! 😀

Tell us if you found this app helpful. 🙂



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