Get Ready to Update Your iphone to iOS 7

Exciting times for iPhone users now. Apple has launched their two new products, iPhone 5S and 5C , today along with the new operating system – iOS 7. The new iOS 7 comes with a lot of changes which is likely to change the user experience in greatly.

So alike every other iPhone fans out there, if you can’t wait to upgrade your iOS to a newer version, today here’s some checklists you should do before updating your iOS and save yourself from any future difficulties.

Check whether your iPhone is compatible or not:


It’s the first thing to be in your checklist. iOS 7 only supports devices which have retina displays. That means, iOS 7 will not run devices older than iPhone 4 – which is very unfortunate. If you are using iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS or even an older iPhone, it’s time for you to buy a new iPhone to experience the new operating system. The upgrade will also run on the iPad 2, iPad mini and other similar tablets by Apple that offers retina display. The fifth generation iPod touch is also compatible with the new operating system.

Update your apps


Before you start upgrading your device to iOS7, you need to make sure all of your installed apps are updated. Many new apps now-a-days are providing necessary updates and bug fixes to be compatible of iOS7. So if you don’t updated your apps, installing iOS7 can make them unstable. It’s better safe than sorry. So buckle up right away and update your existing apps first!

Backup your precious data


Installing a new operating system could wipe out your storage clean. So it’s safe to backup your contacts, messages, photos, videos etc. with the help of iTunes before you upgrade to the new iOS. You can go for an iCould backup which provides 5gb of space online.

Use a stable internet connection


Make sure you have full functional and constant internet to download the new update. Interruption while upgrading could make your device unstable. I recommend  using a laptop or netbook to download, as desktop PC has possible chances of being turned off because load-shedding or power cut. If you trust your power back-up and don’t have any load-shedding problem, you can do it in your desktop anyway. However, make sure that you have fully charged your iPhone.


That’s all to get you all ready to experience the whole new iOS upgrade. Don’t forget to tell us about your iOS7 experience. Happy exploring 🙂



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