How to prevent your neighbours from using your wifi

In city areas, your WiFi network is visible to at least 10 of your neighboring apartments around you. And its obvious that some of them would fancy themselves to use your WiFi for free! And if you have any neighbor skilled in hacking, chances are he is already using your WiFi!

Today is the day you say bye bye to those WiFi intruders forever! Just follow these rules:

Encryption: Use a strong password


If you are not using any passwords for your WiFi network be 100% sure that- your neighbors just loves you! Apart from you, most of the users encrypt their WiFi network with a password to prevent illegal access. But sadly its not enough, there are many software out there to crack WiFi passwords and using a easy password are the most easier to crack. So use a hard password using random alphabets, numbers and symbols with upper case and lower case and mixing them to create at least a 12digit encryption key.

Mac fileting

Your router should have mac filtering option. A mac is a unique identifier of your device having WiFi. You can add your WiFi mac addresses of your devices (laptop, smartphone, smart TV etc.) in your router and the router will only allow internet access to those devices only. If you are using software like connectify you can monitor the connected clients and disable internet access to unauthorized devices using the “client” menu.

Change your password frequently

This can be disturbing, but if you are desperate enough to prevent illegal access to your WiFi network changing passwords frequently will provide you the best security. And as said earlier, do use a strong password

Use a discouraging SSID

discouraging wifi name

SSID is the name of your WiFi network. you can choose whatever name you like. You can also try some discouraging ssid such as c:/virus.exe, autorun.inf, connect-to-get-hacked, RAB-surveillance-van, etc. It will hugely reduce the illegal attempt made by your neighbors to access your WiFi network.

Most of the users name their WiFi by his/her own name. But it actually make it easy for the intruders to identify you and guess the passwords. And there are some chances that they somehow can know your devices mac addresses by social contacting, or while paying you a visit in your house. So keep your ssid anonymous so that no can can identify who own the WiFi network.

Thats it! Follow these rules to make your neighbors disappointed. Hope you find this article useful and dont forget to say thanks!

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