How to execute a complex command line with just one click

Windows command prompt option is a great way to navigate around different hidden options and execute them. Often we need a particular service more frequently and having to type a command line can be a bit disturbing and time consuming.

If you use a command line more frequently, you can very easily add a shortcut of it in your desktop and you don’t have to have the troubles of typing it each time you want to execute it.

There are various commands to execute a particular task. You can search the net to find the command line of your desired task to execute. Today i am showing an example of activating ad hoc network via command line and how to add shortcut to it.

The command line is:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<anyname> key=<any8characterkey>

netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Suppose this is the two lines you need to type in cmd.(command prompt). To make a shortcut of this open a notepad in your desktop and rename it to your desired name and change the .txt to  “.bat” extension.

wifishare bat

(If your extension showing is hidden you can activate it going to My computer>view>options>change folder & search options>view>uncheck the “hide extensions for known type files”)

Type the above commands in two lines in the notepad and save.

wifishare notepad

Now the command line shortcut is created in your desktop. Run it as administrator by right clicking every-time you want to execute it.

new bat file

In this way, now you can easily create shortcut of your desired command line and launch it in a single click! Thank you all. Keep Exploring nutboltu world 🙂




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