Dont just yet upgrade to iOS 7 if you are a iPhone 4 user.

The new iOS is both liked and criticized by many.

If you like your old iOS and dont like the android looking changes brought into the new ios, u are just fine, there is no harm to use what you are happy with. But If you liked the review of the new features and already made a decision to upgrade your iphone 4, this post is for you.

Can your device ran it or not is more important issue than whether you like it or not!

I don’t want to be the bearer of the bad news but i am sorry say, it is recommended that you should not upgrade to ios 7 if you have iphone 4 or prior versions.

The new iOS costs more ram and more processing power than previous one. Which is ok for iPhones having the luxary of more processing power like iPhone 4S, 5 and the new 5S & 5C. But iPhone 4 having less ram and less powerful processor, not just ready to handle the load of iOS 7.

ios7 load

This is the resource usage of iPhone 4 while running only a single app (the app store)

Sadly, the Apple inc didn’t mentioned it anywhere in their press release or official websites and they let their iPhone 4 users to upgrade.  The apple discussion communities are now bursting with huge criticisms by the users and critics., Plenty of user already reporting lag and other problems i their iPhone 4. And currently there is no way to downgrade your iOS version if you already upgraded to iOS 7. (confirmed by iPhone hacker ih8sn0w in his twitter update). So dont just yet upgrade to ios 7, let wait it out until a more stable release is out. Keep an eye on our website if you need any update on the issue. And trust me, there is nothing wrong with your current 6.1.3 version which is serving you well 🙂

If you still want to upgrade then you can follow our post about getting yourself ready to upgrade your device software safely. And here is a trick for downloading great paid apps for free.

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