Decrease the probability of your shoes being stolen

There are many places we go where we need to take off our shoes or sandals in order to enter the premises. It is less likely to loose your shoes to thieves when you pays your relative a visit (where you need to take off your shoes), but in public places there is a high probability.

shoe in public place

Specially in religious places and places of historical value, you need to enter with your shoes off and leave it in the gates. Sometime you may carry your shoes inside and put in a shoe box. But even putting it there isn’t safe and no question of putting it in the gates is safer either. The probability is even higher if your shoe is newly brought and glazing like a mirror. And it is embarrassing to return home or look for a shoe shop to return home bare footed. (i had such experience twice and trust me, its really embarrassing!)

Not every place have token system to take care of your shoes, so in order to decrease the probability of your shoes being stolen you can follow this simple trick.

put them separately!

There is no use of a single shoe without the other one. So chances are your shoe will not attract thieves. The shoe shops often use this technique and display only one shoe of a single model in the racks.

So next time you entering a place where you need to take off your shoes and leave it in a insecure place, you can try putting each of your shoes in different places. Put them in different boxes or different places you like, but make sure to remember where you put those two, otherwise you will end up losing your shoes eventually!


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