Cut extra body fat of your wallet

Besides your cell phone, wallet is one thing that you need to carry when you go outside. A wallet full of business cards, important ID cards and not to mention: hard cashes makes your wallet fat as hell which annoys you but you just carry it anyway. The things you carry in your wallet, you only use 10% of it in a single day. Plus if you somehow lose your wallet, you not only lose money, but your important documents and contacts also.

So why carry the extra burden, read these following tips and give your wallet some breathing space!

Carrying analog business cards are the things of the past

Almost everyone have a smartphone now (and sadly most of the users are dumb). If you have one, don’t be the dumber one, bring out your phone’s camera and take a picture of your business cards and throw it away! (i mean keep it away from the wallet if u get the point). Put them all in a single album so you can easily access it and don’t have to go through all your camera snapshots.

business card album

You can also use various apps to efficiently manage your business card. Apps like camcard, cardmunch etc. have various features to manage your business cards like OCR, LinkedIn integrations. These apps are discoverable in both iOS and android apps store.

Why carry extra burden?

Keeping important documents like your national id card, your social security card, passports, etc. in your wallet is an extra burden. You don’t want to lose any of these documents and falls in the wrong hand. So in case of getting mugged, pick-pocketed or accidently dropping it anywhere, you are in for a great troubling consequences. So it is best to keeps this items in a safe place, and if you really need to carry those: carry them in your backpack or suitcase which is not easy to lose as a wallet.

Use apps for passes

ios passbook

Now many of the modern day services can be availed using your smartphone as a pass. Use iPhone passbook to keep your boarding pass, movie tickets, loyalty cards and shows them on your lock screen when you need them. To get passes, you can scan passbook barcodes with the camera, or add them from apps.  In android phone you can use Google wallet to pay for your goods and services with Google prepaid card and if the service became popular, you then no longer need to carry your credit or debit cards.

Carry as less cash as possible

A large amount of money can make your wallet look fat. Carry as less as possible. Carry your debit card instead pays your bill through it. You don’t need to cash out every time to pay via hard cash. (And while you carry your debit card, don’t write down your pin number in the debit card, it defeats the whole purpose of a pin number, rather memorize it plz)

These are the few simple tips by which you can flatten your wallet and move around with ease. Share us some tips that you know could be useful for using the wallet smartly 🙂



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