I can think of no reason why you shouldn’t have a bicycle!

If you are physically capable, bicycle is  a must have for you. Whether you living in a village or a town or even in a city, its the only vehicle that is the most effective and cheap and in many places its the fastest way of communication you gonna get to move around short distances.

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These are some of the reason that why should have a bicycle:

  1. Lowest maintenance cost! No other vehicle is as cheap as Bicycle!
  2. Fastest way of travel in busy traffic areas.
  3. Physical exercises for you. Good for your muscles and health.
  4. You can enjoy the countryside and landscapes.
  5. Can ride with your buddies talking and gossiping. In motorcycle or other vehicle you cant safely talk and ride both while riding/driving
  6. Can park it wherever you want. No parking tickets or traffic violation nothing at all! (just park it without blocking the road)
  7. No need any license or license fee!
  8. Access to almost any kinds of roads where other vehicle cant enter.

Ashamed of riding a bike? Here’s a motivational photo for you if your friends are laughing seeing you riding a bicycle.

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Hope this helps. Remember, you are the smarter one if you are having and riding a bicycle and your friends don’t. And remember to keep exploring nutboltu.com to live even smarter! Happy riding.. 🙂


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