How to use hosts file to block unwanted websites and updates

Your system’s hosts file can be very useful to block unwanted websites and updates.(You can dig deeper to find out what a hosts file is, but i am only talking about how to use hosts file as a firewall tool for you). Well you can always use your firewall to block your undesired website, but sometimes it may block the whole software from launching or running and eventually will force you to unblock it. But there is a better way to block websites and software updates.  So lets get started..

The hosts file is located in your c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts address. You need administrative privileges to open this file.

Right click on the hosts file and go to properties>security>edit. Select the “users” and check all “allow” boxes and click OK.

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Now that you have administrative control, right click and  “open with” as a notepad. The file will look like this:

host file view







You can see many instructions is written, you don’t have to read it as you are reading this post. Now to block a particular website you must add this following line in the bottom in the hosts file notepad:

Here the “” is the website you want to block access to your computer/ or the update server name of any software you want to block.

Suppose i want to block connectify software from updating. So the line i should add in my hosts file should be:

Here the is the update server that my software wants to updates from. If you add this line to the hosts file it will think that your PC is offline. So softwares will not update even if you are connected to internet. You just have to know the website name or the update server name you want to block, nothing else. Add individual lines to block each websites starting with followed by the website name.

hosts file blocked websites nutboltu








Thats it. After adding the lines finish by saving the notepad (going to file>save) and you are good to go! Now go to your browser and type in any address you have added in your hosts file, it wont load. That means you have successfully blocked a particular website or a software update server. You can use This trick to block unwanted websites to protect your kids from unsafe browsing, protect yourself from harmful websites or unnecessary web advertisements etc. For example you can block KMPlayer from updating and showing you unwanted advertisements using the hosts file. Your internet experience should be free from any sorts of trouble. Happy browsing and thank you to stay with 🙂

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